Gutter systems and installations are designed to last for many years, however they will eventually need gutter repair service, or even gutter replacement, especially if they have not received regularly-scheduled cleaning.

While the majority of calls for gutter repair require minimal time and labor, rain gutters are an essential component to the health of your home and property and are vital in directing the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, foundation, siding and landscaping. You should contact us right away if you have any signs of gutter damage.

An assessment or inspection is important if you see signs of leakage or overflow in your northern Michigan home or business.

Gutter repair service is essential in:

  • Defending your home and landscape investment
  • Protecting the foundation by redirecting water away from the foundation wall
  • Protecting the fascia of your home from rotting
  • Avoiding structural damage to outside walls

Normal inspection of your rain gutters and regularly-scheduled gutter cleaning services help reduce the likelihood of premature gutter replacement in the Petoskey, Gaylord or Traverse City area. Call Great Lakes Seamless Gutter at the first sign of gutter leakage or overflow to avoid water damage to the interior or exterior of your home’s roof or walls.


We service all of northern Michigan, including Petoskey, Gaylord and Traverse City areas. We can inspect your existing gutters and recommend the best solution, whether it be repairing or replacement.

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